MMA Basics

Mixed martial arts is a versatile martial arts that combines boxing, muay thai, brazilian jiu jitsu, wrestling, judo, etc. An essential difference to all other full contact sports is that even in ground combat within the rules and regulations strikes are allowed. The goal in MMA is to defeat your opponent by points, technical knockout (TKO), knockout (KO) or by submission.

The history of the MMA began around 708 BC. In Greece and is still known there under the name Pankration. Since the Ultimate Fighting Challenge (UFC) in the 90s, the MMA has been growing in popularity.

In our MMA Basics course you will learn the basics of MMA:

  • Stance
  • Footwork
  • Break fall
  • Fist, elbow, knee and foot techniques
  • Take down Training / wrestling
  • Ground & pound
  • Submission techniques

The course is equally suitable as an introduction to the MMA sport as well as a varied fitness training.

Target group:

The course is designed for beginners with and without experience in other martial arts and is equally suitable for women and men alike.

Required equipment:

  • MMA gloves
  • Shinprotection
  • Mouthguard