Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the art of dominating his opponent in ground combat and forcing him to give up abandon or simply defeat him. Techniques used include Takedowns, Throws, Guard Pulls, Sweeps, and Submissions.

Our training sessions include:

  • a BJJ specific warm up
  • Takedown training
  • Technique training
  • BJJ specific drills
  • Position or free sparring
  • a specific cool down

The warm up is designed to prepare your body for the upcoming load optimally and to internalize BJJ specific movements. We focus on the transition from the state to the bottom position.

The technique training gives you solid BJJ fundamentals and offers advanced techniques and strategies. The level of difficulty and complexity are adjusted according to your abilities. Training therefore includes BJJ-specific drills whose goal is to perfect and automate learned techniques.

Each training session is rounded off with positions or free sparring. Here you get the opportunity to apply the techniques learned in a controlled fight against resistance. In terms of content, our training sessions follow a graduate-dependent technical curriculum.

Required equipment:

  • BJJ Kimono
  • Rashguard and grappling shorts for the NoGi training
  • Mouthguard


Regular participation in BJJ training will result in your:

  • physical physique
  • your condition
  • your self-confidence
  • your own body perception

change positively in a short time !!

Competition training

If you would like to participate in BJJ or grappling competitions, we offer you a competition-oriented training specification as well as a professional tournament preparation.