Healthy Fighter Concept

What is behind HFC?

A holistic and functional training concept, which is specially adapted to the needs of martial artists.


The foundation of your sport-specific performance is the basic movement pattern. These consist of breathing, mobility, joint centering (optimal joint position) and depth stability (core stability). Then follows the general performance with their motor requirements. At the top is your specific martial arts training, so your sport specific performance that you can only increase if the foundation is stable or well trained.

What does functional training mean?

Functionally means “according to the requirements”
It should prepare you for the practice of your martial arts in the best possible way!

What training goals are we pursuing?

Our ultimate goal is to successfully assist you in your training development.


Performance increase:

Through targeted training of your:

  • endurance
  • Force
  • muscular endurance
  • explosive strength
  • Explosive strength
  • responsiveness

The training takes place for example in the form of Tabata workouts or functional training circuits. The qualitative exercise execution is ensured by a prior technique training.

Injury prevention:

Through the martial arts training, but also by the everyday burdens z. For example, at work, your body experiences intense and one-sided stress. These lead to imbalances in your body structures.
Negative consequences are, for example, tensions and / or movement restrictions.
These in turn affect your training negative. The result is a performance stagnation. Long-term consequences can be loss of performance, chronic pain and, in the worst case, an injury.
In balance training (crosstraining) after the HFC, we actively counterbalance imbalances by increasing the depth of your trunk, mobility and joint centering. As a result, injuries can be prevented and stress-related pain reduced.

Active recovery:

The balance of stress and regeneration is critical to improving performance and maintaining it. By active recovery, we at the HFC mean gentle training-accompanying measures such as foamrolling or respiratory and balance training that bring the body and the mind back into a state of equilibrium.

Which training principles do we have?

# 1 Individuality
Through the individual assessment, you will be treated individually with regard to your training goals and your performance level.

# 2 Quality of movement
In training we pay special attention to a good quality of movement. This optimizes your training, makes it healthier and more efficient.

# 3 Functionality
The exercises selected for you have a functional relationship to your training goals and are adapted to your specific sports training.

What results do you get by training after the HFC?

  • Your sport-specific performance will improve
  • Your subjective well-being is positively influenced
  • You will feel more stable, explosive and at the same time more mobile.
  • By optimizing your posture, joints are relieved and existing tension blockages are loosened or alleviated.

What awaits you in your training?

At the beginning there will be a start talk and a body assessment (physiological inventory).
The results lead to individual goals.
If there are acute injuries or pain, we clarify in the assessment whether and to what extent a training is possible.
The defined training goals and the body assessment form the basis for the creation of your personal training plan.
Your training takes place in personal coaching or in a small group of a maximum of 3 people. Each training is documented by us in your personal training log.

Is the HFC suitable for you?

Our training is designed for all martial artists who are looking for a supplement to their specific training. Due to the individual adaptation of the training, our concept is suitable for all performance classes both in the hobby and in the performance area.

Do I have to be a martial artist to benefit from the HFC?

Not necessarily! Training success in the field of injury prevention or active regeneration you will have with the HFC even without a connection to martial arts.