The First Tournament

A consistently attended training should be, of course, preceding the initial attendance at a tournament. It’s best to talk to your coach about your plans to compete. He will give you most certainly knowledgeable advice whether you’re ready for a tournament. Usually he will be able to recommend some good tournaments nearby too.
Also, you should talk to your partner about your plans. One or another might want to participate as well and you can start planning for the tournament together.

Ideally, your coach will now adjust your training to the upcoming competition and together you will discuss your strategy and the course of the contest.

Most likely, your trainer will accompany you to the chosen tournament.
To make it easier for you to plan your first tournament, here is a short check list with some important things, you should keep in mind:

Preliminary planning:

  • Note the tournament’s term of application!
  • Start in your regular weight class.
  • Leave the so-called weight cutting to the pros!
  • Catch up in time on the prevailing rules and standards.
    You should already know those well in the sparring units prior to the contest.
  • Get some information about the course of the competition and its timeframe.
  • Get the necessary information about the organizer’s rules concerning the gi.

Are there any restrictions about the sleeve’s length, patches, etc.?
Competition day:

  • Plan your journey with enough slack time according to the distance.
  • Do not travel alone, if possible.
  • Before your departure you should have a light meal that provides you with the necessary energy for the day.
  • A competition day is long. You should pack enough snacks such as energy bars, nuts, bananas, etc.
  • You should bring enough water and/ or isotonic beverages.
  • You should pack enough spare clothes for the competition day.
  • On arrival at the venue, you should immediately sign in and make yourself familiar with the place.

You should warm up well.And then…
… have a lot of fun!!!