Finding the right school

If you have decided to take on the adventure of your first BJJ training session, you shouldn’t wait for too long but instead just go for it and without inhibition pay a visit to the schools nearby.

To make it easier for you to find schools nearby, the team of Grapplers Paradise has listed many German BJJ schools in the category Grappling Gyms Germany.

Generally, it is possible to participate in a free trial session or simply to watch a training unit from next to the mat.
You should announce your visit beforehand briefly, but politely.
Furthermore, it is advisable to have an idea of your own motivation and your personal aims, so that it is easier to find out whether that particular school can be of assistance with reaching these goals.

In my opinion good BJJ schools are characterized by the following aspects:

  • The trainer’s demeanor as well as that of the other participants with each other is respectful and calm.
  • The training procedure is constructive and organized.
  • The facility as well as the mat’s surface make a clean impression.
  • The atmosphere is positive and without rivalry.
  • The training participants watch out for one another during sparring.

Many injuries due to sparring point to a false understanding of training severity and indicate a lack of competency and knowledge.
It can never be wrong to write down your questions before a visit. The trainer or school administrator should answer a rookie’s questions extensively and patiently and in the best case should be able to elucidate their training concept.
Before you opt for one school, it is of advantage to visit several schools and compare them to one another.

Based on the diverse impressions you get, it should be easy to settle for one school.