Training jiu-jitsu does not only lead to a new body awareness and an improved fitness level, but it also gives you a new attitude. The positivity you get from your progress and your experiences during your practice on the mat will transfer to your daily routine.

Thus, jiu-jitsu will positively influence every aspect of your everyday life.

In only very few other martial arts is it, that people do face each other in such a friendly manner. As soon as you are part of this big jiu-jitsu community, you will easily make new friends. Whether you are on holiday or just visiting a new town, usually you’ll be cordially invited into the schools around the world.

In my experience, with jiu-jitsu you’ll become more open-minded and your personality will develop. You’ll learn respect and to be more confident. You’ll also become more serene as you will work off your aggressions. Your awareness of your own body and your health will be positively influenced as well.

In the best case jiu-jitsu practice will consequently lead to a balanced and conscious way of life.