DVDs, books and especially YouTube can never accomplish the quality and success of a training session on the mat, at least in my opinion.
But they can effectively support your learning and training process.
Personally, I enjoyed the following DVDs very much and they helped me to deepen my understanding for my jiu-jitsu and the techniques:

Demian Maia – Science of Jiu Jtsu 1 und 2

 Damian Maia -Groundfighter Cover





GroundFighter – Demian Maia


Ryan Hall – 50/50 DVD Serie

RyanHall 50/50 Cover








GroundFighter – Ryan Hall


Saulo Ribeiro – Jiu-Jitsu Revolution 1 + 2

Saulo Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu-Revolution Cover








GroundFighter – Saulo Ribiero


Kit Dale & Nicolas Gregoriades – Beyond Technique

Dale Gregoriades - Beyond Technique Cover





Meerkatsu – Kurzbeschreibung