The structuring of the training units varies from school to school and depends on ambition as well as available means.
As a rule a training session combines the following training aspects:

  • a jiu-jitsu specific warm-up
  • drills for agility improvement, specific techniques and motion sequences
  • technique practice
  • sparring
  • cool down, stretching, etc.

One training unit should be at least 60-90 minutes.

Ideally a constructive training concept will incorporate individual training levels and the distinct aims of the trainees.
In group training however, this is only possible to a certain extent due to the variety of goals and the diverse training levels of the participants.

Hence, it is highly recommended to practice in private training sessions or in smaller groups with equally ambitioned participants in addition to the regular training.
In order to improve your agility, strength and to prevent injuries you should supplementary do specific weight training and gymnastics as well.